The workshops I offer will give you both inspiration and practical assistance to help you move forward and upwards. You'll also meet fantastic people who, like you, have decided not to settle for less than their own best. For an experience you'll never forget, and life lessons that will stay with you forever, choose the workshop that's best for you.



This is your event done your way. It's never a "one size fits all". This experience will be custom designed for you and your company. Let it be known this is an experience!


No one wants to sit and listen to someone on their soap box. We get involved, invested, and dig deep together.



Career Ambitions: Your Best Professional Self

With my dynamic, pro-active approach, you'll find yourself fully equipped to create or thrive at the job of your dreams. I work with professional teams and corporations to uplift the culture and productivity in the workplace. Whether you're a leader or an employee, you will gain the confidence and practical knowledge to excel in the professional reality that you and your employees deserve. You are your strongest asset, and I'll help you make that shine.


Personal Growth: Strength and Power

How do you build your soul for the future? How do you calm the internal noise to live the best version of you? With life coaching, you'll enable yourself to create the future you deserve. When you stop focusing on obstacles, you'll find the path forward is smoother and more inviting. I'll help you create the solutions that are right for your situation. Together, everything is possible.




Honoring women in every aspect of life, I’ve collaborated with Sammy Rowlette, a holistic wellness coach, to bring you high adventure, holistic healing, leadership and team building experiences. You and your gals will always remember your time at The Haven.


P: 801-979-6636



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